From first sniff to final stretch, we go above
and beyond for your best friend.

Pet Check Technology


Hound Around raises the barcode in pet care and dog walking. We’ve pioneered new standards of accountability and client confidence by partnering with Pet Check Technology™. We use a system that provides all parties with real-time certainty that your dog is being looked after. You’ll be able to:

  • Track GPS coordinates of your dog’s walk
  • Manage your dog's schedule through the secure, personalized online management page
  • Receive emails alerts each time your walker arrives and departs your home 

sWAG Bag


When joining Hound Around, you will be welcomed with open paws and a tote full of drool-worthy goodies to help keep your pup safe and happy. 


All Hound Around sWAG Bags are filled with:

  • An individualized barcode equipped with Pet Check Technology™ 
  • A patent-pending safety collar for use as a supplemental restraint of pooches who try to wiggle out of their collars or harnesses
  • A red bandana which has a tag with our toll free number in case of an emergency
  • A black, four foot Mendota leash
  • A yummy treat or fun toy