After graduation from Rutgers University, my interest in aviation led me to a dispatching job at a nearby airport. During this work experience, I learned the true meaning and value of quality customer service as well as the inconveniences of a job with atypical hours -- namely, finding a suitable dog walker for my Beagle, Dale. I couldn't seem to find anyone who was licensed, reliable and whom I could trust to look after my best four-legged friend.

I soon became frustrated with dispatching and decided that a professional aviation career was not for me. Looking back, I realize I was not really suited for a desk job or a career on the road. I never would have imagined that I would turn a childhood hobby into my career. My family has always included numerous pups and fish, a caique parrot and various other critters with whom I enjoyed playing. In elementary school, I looked forward to bringing home the class’ pets for holidays and summer breaks. Drawing upon my childhood experiences, in the fall of 2004, I started Hound Around Dog Walkers. 
Within months, I had more canine clients than I could handle by myself. One night, while out with my best friend, he mentioned that his brother was looking for work and, as fate would have it, also loved dogs. The Hound Around team was born! Over the years, we’ve engaged other friends and relatives to lend a hand, which is a big reason why our dog walkers feel more like family than employees. In 2005, Brinkley, a Bernese Mountain dog, joined my family and became our official mascot!
In 2010, I earned my MBA from the Stern School of Business at NYU. I learned how to better manage my growing business, but most of all, I learned that I have an amazing career in Hound Around. So, I would like to thank our wonderful clients – past, present and future! I look forward to many more wonderful years with you and your furry friends.