During the Visit

Will the same person visit my pooch every day?

Our regular clients have two dog walkers. One primary walker, who will visit the majority of the time. Your pooch will also be introduced to another walker, so she will be comfortable when her primary walker is not available. Non-regular clients will have a primary walker and several substitute walkers to allow for more scheduling flexibility.


Will my dog be walked if it's raining?

Of course, we won't melt! Hound Around will visit your dog in the rain, snow, heat and frigid temps (just remember to leave out a towel, so we can dry off your pup).


Does Hound Around pack walk?

No, we don't believe that walking large groups of dogs is a safe activity in an urban environment. We prefer to match dogs with similar temperaments and preferences to encourage safe socialization and allow for tailored, personalized walks. 


How will I know how my dog's walk went?

You can opt to receive a real-time email each time your walker arrives at and departs from your home. At your request, a written report noting the time and success details of the walk can be provided. We have special note cards, which make this task more efficient, so your pooch spends more time walking.