Medical Concerns

Is Hound Around prepared for medical emergencies?

Although emergencies are very rare, numerous Hound Around team members are trained and certified by the Red Cross in pet first-aid and CPR.


What if my pooch is or becomes ill?

We appreciate any warning if your pooch is not feeling well. This helps us to prepare for any messes and allows us to walk your dog on her own, if need be. And of course, if your dog becomes ill, Hound Around will not hesitate to contact you immediately.


What if my pup makes a mess in her crate (or my living room)?

We've seen it all - puppy accidents, upset tummy messes, chewed couches and toppled garbage cans. We will do our best to tidy up and will not leave anyone in an unclean crate. We will, also, let you know, so you can share the laugh, prepare yourself for the destruction and properly disinfect later.