For a reliable and exceptional dog walking experience, unleash the professionals at Hound Around.

Ever seen a dog smile? If you’re a dog lover, you know what we mean. Not just a tail wag, but a great big, toothy, furry-eyed grin? Let us care for your pooch and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Hound Around's been around for a while.

With over 100,000 dog walks under our leash, Hound Around is certainly trusted and has plenty of experience. Our reputation is so well-known that 90% of our new customers come through personal recommendations and word of mouth.

Our pet peeve: not treating your dog like an individual. 

Hound Around offers personalized care, which allows us to provide lots of attention and tailor our services to your pooch’s wants and preferences. We emphasize safe socialization by carefully matching pups according to their personalities, temperaments and personal preferences. We recognize that your dog has his own special likes, dislikes and schedule…and we respect that.

We're pet lovers AND professionals. 

The Hound Around team includes passionate, caring and responsible animal lovers and owners. We get a lot of requests and applications to join our team, but we only welcome a very select few. More often than not, potential candidates are relatives or friends of existing team members. All of our professionals undergo an extensive screening process and experience our unique training program. Team leaders are also required to pass the Red Cross Pet Safety course.

Pet owners need a little care too.

Hound Around is also well-known for its unrivaled level of customer service. We are open 24 / 7 / 365, so scheduling is easy and flexible. We welcome calls at anytime and return messages promptly. We offer a convenient, online payment option, which accepts all major credit cards. Hound Around is a registered business, which entitles our clients to take comfort in our comprehensive insurance protections as well as our adherence to labor, regulatory and tax codes. 

9 out of 10 dogs prefer Hound Around.

O.K. so we just made that up. But the point is, next time you’re considering a dog walking service, don’t take our word for it, try us just once and then…ask your pooch about Hound Around’s extraordinary care and attention. You know how he’ll respond? With a great big, toothy, doggie grin…that’s how!